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The Path to Smarter Edge Devices

The Path to Smarter Edge Devices:  The Latent AI Founders’ Story Interviews with Jags Kandasamy, Co-Founder and CEO and Sek Chai, Co-Founder, and CTO at Latent AI Challenge The age of edge computing is here. The rapid developments in digital and mobile technologies have made edge computing increasingly more prevalent and critical to the success ...
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Latent AI September 22, 2019

It’s Time for Adaptive AI to Enable a Smarter Edge

Most of us are familiar with this scenario:  “Hey Siri (or insert your favorite ‘wake’ word for your digital voice assistant), turn on the hallway light.”  Instantly and magically, that hallway light turns on, and life is good. But then, reality kicks in, and all of a sudden your internet service provider is experiencing an ...
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Jags Kandasamy June 21, 2019

Latent AI, Inc. Announces Seed Funding Led by Future Ventures

 An SRI International ventures startup, Latent AI emerges from stealth with the Latent AI Efficient Inference Platform™ toolset enabling Adaptive AI™ for a smarter edge.         MENLO PARK, CA, June 26, 2019 — Latent AI has spun out of SRI International, the leading independent research and technology center, and closed its first round ...
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Cyndy Sandor June 19, 2019

The Next Wave in AI and Machine Learning: Adaptive AI at the Edge

The accessibility of high-end GPUs and rapid development of machine learning software frameworks (Tensorflow, Pytorch, Caffe) have enabled recent success in the deployment of deep learning applications on the cloud. Applications in video analytics, audio processing, natural language processing (NLP) are becoming popular as consumers benefit from the new user experience, driven by the power ...
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Sek Chai June 19, 2019