Originally published by Roland Siebelink with Silicon Valley Momentum


Episode Description

Some estimate as many as 75 billion new devices will come online in the next five years. This is where tech startup Latent AI enters the equation. Latent AI is helping developers build AI models, specifically ones that can be used on edge devices. Latent AI co-founders Jags Kandasamy and Sek Chai joined Roland Siebelink on this week’s episode of the Silicon Valley Momentum Podcast. In addition to talking about Latent AI’s technology and market, they discussed all of the ways they’ve tried to set themselves up for success.

  • How to identify talent and find team members that fit the company’s needs.
  • Why building a network within your given industry can be critical for new startups.
  • The need to educate partners even before you can close any business deals.
  • The role of advisors in Latent AI and how to find them.
  • The importance of CEOs understanding “the four quadrants of me” and how to discover the “unknown unknowns.”

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