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Optimized and Secured MLOps for the Edge

Build a repeatable and transparent workflow to deliver optimized and efficient neural networks to edge devices more quickly and cost effectively

Employing Artificial Intelligence for Joint Operations & the Edge Continuum

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Latent AI and the Atlantic Council

Latent AI recently held a series of sessions with the Atlantic Council to explore the best ways to support Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) strategy objectives with AI.

Click here to read our paper, “Employing Artificial Intelligence for Joint Operations and the Edge Continuum”

Edge MLOps

Simplified AI Optimization for an Efficient MLOps Workflow

By applying software development principles to edge models, Latent AI can build model trust with the same continuous cycles of testing and validation. Latent AI gives organizations what they’ve been missing – a repeatable and scalable path for delivering optimized and secured edge models quickly.

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Latent AI Efficient Inference Platform (LEIP)

The Latent AI Efficient Inference Platform™ (LEIP) SDK helps you create DevOps processes for ML that can produce optimized and secured IL5 and ATO compliant models at scale. LEIP helps you move models from design to deployment much faster by seamlessly integrating with your current processes and letting you quickly find your optimal combination of hardware and model. It also delivers secured models optimized for memory, power, and compute necessary for drones and other edge devices to perform on-board processing and enable faster data to decision.


Government customers can now view our solution on the Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace.


Inference Speed Improvement


Accuracy Loss (mAP 0.5)



Example performance vs PyTorch: YOLOv5 Large, AGX, Int8 quantization

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Use Case: Optimized Search and Rescue

Making AI work on devices like drones and cameras is challenging because of processing requirements that can quickly drain power supplies and limit capabilities.

See how Latent AI makes ML more efficient with processes that produce ultra-efficient, scalable, and reliable models that deliver better performance and faster data to decision. 

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MLOps for the Edge

Learn how LEIP scales reliable delivery to the edge with repeatable and secure processes that produce models optimized for memory, power, and compute.

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