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DevOps for ML

Move your machine vision from data to deployment with processes that produce ultra-efficient, lightweight, and secure models at scale

Design, optimize, and deploy with confidence. Latent AI helps you build executable neural network runtimes that are:


With a reliable, repeatable, and dedicated pipeline


Faster results and lower costs with improved inference and latency


Built-in deployment flexibility enables rapid prototyping of models for different hardware targets 

Find Your Best Model Faster

Enhancing MLOps for an Efficient Workflow

Latent AI empowers users to accelerate the prototype-to-deployment lifecycle, resulting in unprecedented efficiency gains, significant cost savings, and enhanced scalability. By reducing development cycles, teams can focus on innovation rather than lengthy development processes.

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Latent AI Efficient Inference Platform (LEIP)

The Latent AI Efficient Inference Platform™ (LEIP) SDK transforms your AI development by empowering anyone, from seasoned engineers to new practitioners to build, deploy, and manage efficient AI vision systems at scale. Seamless integration, rapid deployment, and tailored hardware-model combinations – LEIP accelerates your AI initiatives.


Inference Speed Improvement


Accuracy Loss (mAP 0.5)



Example performance vs PyTorch: YOLOv5 Large, AGX, Int8 quantization

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