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Why Latent AI was Selected as the First Booz Allen Ventures Partnership


Latent AI and Booz Allen Hamilton both understand the importance of delivering ML models faster. It’s one of the driving reasons Booz Allen Hamilton selected Latent AI as their first Booz Allen Ventures recipient.

Booz Allen Ventures is designed to close the gap between opportunity and capability by building operational readiness into AI development and deployment. Current AI efforts are too often hampered by technology that doesn’t cooperate, which means that too much of AI development consists of resolving configuration conflicts. Getting to a working model can take months. And even then, most models are simply too compute and resource intensive to operate independently on compute constrained edge devices. That limits their potential, especially when situations can change rapidly and models can’t adapt.

Latent AI offers a complete AI edge device deployment, configuration, and maintenance solution that seamlessly integrates with other Booz Allen Hamilton offerings because it’s hardware agnostic. Latent AI technology drastically shrinks model sizes while reducing training times via improved model algorithmic performance while making the whole process reproducible, scalable, and far easier to manage. It’s Adaptive AI that not only can respond when cut off from the network, but also offer built in ML security protections against model theft and tampering.

AI needs to be faster in development, deployment, and responsiveness to be successful. We’re excited to extend our relationship with Booz Allen Hamilton and help build scalability, security, and repeatability into edge AI model development and deployment. Stay tuned for further developments!