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Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace

The Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace serves as the DoD’s digital venue to obtain post-competition, readily awardable technology solutions. Tradewinds accelerates customer adoption of state of the art AI/ML capabilities by providing rapid acquisition pathways and support.

Increasing Autonomy & Mobility of DoD Systems

The LEIP SDK has satisfied Federal competition requirements and is readily available to be selected, negotiated, and awarded by DoD activities via Other Transaction Agreement, purchase order, cooperative agreement, procurement contract, and other award mechanisms.

Find our video “Faster Edge AI Data to Decision With Latent AI” on the Marketplace by following the link here*.

(*Note: the Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace requires registration).

View Our Solution

Government customers who are interested in viewing our solution on the Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace should first create a Tradewinds Exchange government account at All DoD and Military Service Agencies may participate in the Marketplace. 

Once logged into the Tradewinds Exchange, government customers can view awardable video solutions on the Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace. Through the Marketplace, customer organizations may communicate directly with solution providers to get more information or request a demonstration of the solution.

Watch our video: “Faster Edge AI Data to Decision With Latent AI” by following the link here.

Engage With Us

Where a given activity identifies a solution that it seeks to fund, that activity may contact us at or through the CDAO’s marketplace manager, ARI.

ARI can confirm any specific information regarding submission, assessment, or selection upon request to The activity should include the following within their contract file documentation:

Video Submission Title: Faster Edge AI Data to Decision With Latent AI

Company Name: Latent AI & POC: Scott Ostrowski

Submission date: June 30, 2023

Month of assessment: July 2023

Date added to the Marketplace: July 25, 2023

To read the full Tradewinds Customer Handbook, click here.

Additional Requirements

The Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace has adopted an approach that permits an interested Government agency to procure a technology of interest from the Solutions Marketplace through the CDAO’s contract support activity, ACC-RI, or through their own contracting support activity. In the latter case, the rules and processes related to negotiation and award of solutions as determined by the interested agency’s contracting activity will be used for the execution of the award. 

It should be noted that contracting activities from the Services and other DoD Fourth Estate organizations may have specific requirements for award. Under this federated contracting approach, different contracting support activities may request additional information from selectees, such as a further description of the offering, pricing information, desired milestones, and intellectual property requirements and/or restrictions.

Contact or read the Tradewinds Customer Handbook for more information.

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Learn how LEIP scales reliable delivery to the edge with repeatable and secure processes that produce models optimized for memory, power, and compute.

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