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Latent AI Named Exploding Topic Top Edge AI Startup

by Sek Chai | Posted Apr 14, 2022

Latent AI is included in the most recent Exploding Topics newsletter as a top Edge AI startup. Also included was their prediction that the Edge AI market will grow to $1.15B by 2023 (representing a CAGR of 27%). We don’t disagree. When incremental improvements in Edge AI inference can yield exponential returns in production, it’s going to be a growth market. The rewards are simply too great to ignore when companies can get it right.

The unfortunate corollary is that most Edge AI projects still fail. Even when they are successful, the maintenance and configuration requirements can be massive. That’s why we’re working to provide organizations with the systems and tools that can simplify and accelerate their Edge AI development and deployment.

Thanks, Exploding Topics, for the recognition! As the market moves towards better standards and new innovations like those that Latent AI provide, we only expect Edge AI growth to accelerate. We look forward to helping organizations bring the promise of Edge AI to reality with our proven solutions for success!

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