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Faster Time to Market with Latent AI and Kili Technology, Part 1

by Mark Painter | Posted Nov 07, 2023

Latent AI helps organizations reduce the time it takes to prototype and train edge ML, simplify their development processes, and deliver ML efficient and powerful enough for compute constrained devices. We are actively engaging in a series of strategic partnerships that help combine our solutions to move models to market faster with repeatable processes that deliver reliable, efficient edge AI. Most recently, Latent AI has partnered with Kili Technology to make edge AI easier to implement by combining high quality data with faster training, prototyping, and deployment.

Kili Technology is a comprehensive solution simplifying labeling operations, enhancing productivity, and upholding stringent quality standards. By combining high quality Kili Technology data with Latent AI DevOps processes that shorten model training and prototyping, your processes can be significantly shortened while your chances of success go up. Most edge ML projects fail for a simple reason – the time it takes to develop and deploy successful AI. Kili Technology and Latent AI combine to directly reduce time to market on two fronts:

Data Labeling with Kili Technology

data labeling with kili technology

Kili Technology addresses the time-consuming challenge of obtaining high-quality data for model training. Poor data quality significantly impacts model performance. Even a 10% decline in labeling accuracy can lead to a 5% drop in model performance. Prioritizing data quality, Kili Technology accelerates data preparation and reduces dataset sizes, saving costs and optimizing model performance.

When paired with Latent AI processes that shorten training and prototyping cycles, the combination helps you both prepare the data for training and train your models much more effectively and quickly.

Optimization with Latent AI

Prototyping models for different hardware targets can be a time consuming, manual, and complex process that can fall apart for a variety of reasons that have nothing to do with the code itself. Latent AI helps you find the best model candidates for your data and deployment requirements far faster than you can accomplish on your own. When our solution is combined with others like Kili Technology, even more powerful and reliable edge AI can be created far faster and for less cost.

This is the one of many strategic Latent AI partnerships designed to help you deliver better, faster optimized and secured ML more quickly and at a lower cost.

For more information about Latent AI products and services, visit Latent AI Products.

For more information about Kili Technology and the importance of high-quality data, visit Kili Technology.

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